Invoice Finance Companies That Deal With RPO's, "Pay As Paid" Invoices & De Poel

You may have seen our recent blog posts about invoice finance against RPO invoices. There have apparently been issues, for some businesses within the recruitment sector, where they are dealing with these large, umbrella recruitment purchasing organisations (RPOs - Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies), such as De Poel, Hays, Hyphen, Commensura and Matrix and have had trouble getting access to invoice finance. There can be problems funding "pay as paid" contracts when dealing with recruitment processing companies but we have invoice finance companies that are able to deal with RPOs, pay as paid contracts and these debtors.

Difficulties Finding RPO Funding?

We have recently been advised that one invoice finance company that was funding against De Poel has restricted the level of funding that they will provide, there are alternatives that can fund your De Poel invoices without these restrictions.

If you are having issues finding an invoice finance company that can help with RPO funding please speak to Sean on 03330 113622 or use the quote request to the right of this page.

We have been successful in helping a number of companies overcome these type of funding issues with RPOs.

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