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    What Are Credit Limits In Invoice Finance And Factoring

    Credit limits are often mentioned in the context of invoice finance and factoring. Below I will explain exactly what they are and how they work.Credit limits are set by invoice finance companies to control their exposure to each of your debtors, when you are using a receivables financing facility. Their exact function depends upon the type of facility that you are using. They are normally...

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    Transfer Of Factoring Clients From Barclays To 4Syte

    According to the 4Syte Group's website (post dated 22/02/21), they have entered into an agreement with the high street bank Barclays for the transfer of assets from the bank's factoring portfolio to 4Syte Group.This is a remarkable move by Barclays, who have been one of the UK's major factoring providers for many decades.Interesting news that Barclays are apparently seeking to move some part of...

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    Funding Care Homes For Disadvantaged Children

    Every now and then we have the chance to get involved with arranging funding for businesses that are really providing essential services to their local communities. This has been the case recently when we have been able to assist with the funding of several care homes for disadvantaged children.One of these was a new start care home, assisting children that had a range of difficulties from...

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    Business Finance Quote Search

    Business finance can be easily found by using our independent quote search service.We handle the whole of the UK and our organisation has been a finalist at the Business Moneyfacts Awards for the last 7 consecutive years. Our service has many happy clients that have given us great service quality ratings.Please complete our simple form, and we will do the rest for you, there is no obligation for...

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    Does Your Invoice Finance Company Go The Extra Mile For You

    Flexibility is something that clients often look for, so I wanted to highlight a recent case where one of the providers on our panel went beyond what would normally be expected to help one of our clients. Does your invoice finance company go the extra mile for you?The client was an importer of cables, connectors and testers for the telecoms and optic fibre sector. They were a new start business...

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    Factoring And Invoice Finance For Garages And Spray Shops

    Despite the decrease in traffic due to the lockdown, the roads still seem pretty busy. Garages and spray shops are likely to be in demand at present, following the recent icy weather. This will no doubt have resulted in an increased in car crashes requiring repairs.Garages and spray shops that undertake car body repairs may be seeing an increase in their order books but those additional orders...

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    How To Free Up Your Own Money From Your Company For A House Deposit

    Getting together the deposit to buy a house can be difficult, especially if you own your own business and you have put all your capital into making it a success.We were recently able to help a client that was in such a situation. The client had put a lot of their personal capital into setting up their business and now they needed to find the deposit for a house purchase.A lot of businesses are in...

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    Help Finding A Replacement Factoring Company

    Rumours are circulating once again that one of the UK's factoring companies is seeking to off load their book of factoring clients.If this affects your company don't panic, there are replacement factoring options available from providers that will welcome you with open arms.SEEK REPLACEMENT FACTORINGWe have seen similar situations before, when funders have asked clients to find alternative...

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    Help With Invoice Finance Credit Limit Problems

    Construction sector debt can be difficult to fund against, with only a few receivables financing companies being able to assist companies trading in the construction sector. It is also a common problem that not all funders are able to write the same credit limits on customers, this can lead to funding restrictions in some cases.This is a case study about how we helped a customer with debtor...

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    FundingVoice January 2021 - Full Value Invoice Purchase

    FundingVoice January 2021 is now available online, you can download it, free of charge, here:FundingVoice January 2021It's the first edition of the year, so we wanted to start by wishing all our readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! It has been a difficult year for many UK businesses, but we have been doing our best to help those that have cash flow problems, or that need additional...

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    How Do You Calculate Service Charge

    If you are looking to find out exactly how do you calculate service charge fees I shall set out the answer below, in some detail.Service charge is part of the fees that will be levied by your invoice finance company. For more information about charging please see our: Invoice Finance Guide.Service charge is the fee that covers the provision of the facility and any services that are included, it...

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    We Highly Recommend Advanta Chartered Accountants For Accountancy Services

    We have written this post in response to the large number of people and businesses we come across, that are seeking recommendations for accountants and accountancy services.We would like to recommend the firm of chartered accountants that we have used for several years, Advanta Business Services Limited. We cannot recommend them highly enough.If you are seeking initial advice on setting up a...

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    What Is Invoice Discounting

    This article answers the question "what is invoice discounting?". We define invoice discounting as:"Prepayments against unpaid receivables".That is the essence of it, if you have a receivable e.g. a sales invoice on credit terms or an application for payment, and it is unpaid, and the debtor is a business, you can get a prepayment against that invoice. This can range from c. 70% up to 100% of...

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    How Do You Calculate Your Prepayments And Availability

    If you are using receivables financing, such as factoring or invoice discounting, it can be difficult to understand how to calculate your prepayments and availability. Below we have set out a generic calculation, but please not that it may vary between invoice finance companies. We have used examples to explain.If you have a particular problem with any element of the funding formula used by your...

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