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    101 Facts About Invoice Finance

    Financing invoices has been around for millennia, so here are 101 facts about invoice finance that you might not know. This list may also correct a few of the myths that we often hear being spread around.So, here's my list of facts about invoice finance:Wow, what a list! There you go, that makes 101 facts about invoice finance....

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    FundingVoice June 2022 Stock Finance Now Available

    FundingVoice June 2022 - "You Can Now Raise Additional Finance Against Stock" is now available online for you to download and read.You can read the June 2022 edition: Stock Finance Now Available.Below is a list of the articles and posts that we have included in this edition of the free e-magazine.In this edition, you will find a selection of our recent articles, including the following:You can...

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    Financing To Overcome Supply Chain Problems

    Resourcing supplies to overcome supply chain problems is something that many UK businesses have had to face. This can create the need for new financing to overcome cash flow problems if a purchaser loses its credit accounts with established overseas suppliers.REQUEST A QUOTERecently, just about everyone in the UK has been affected by global supply chain problems. Choices in supermarkets have been...

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    BMF Award Winning Invoice Finance Companies 2022

    Business Moneyfacts hold annual awards each year, and we have been pleased to be Finalists for the last 8 consecutive years in the category "Invoice Finance Broker Of The Year".Each year, there are a couple of other categories that I am always keen to watch, as they are useful information for any company trying to choose an invoice finance company.Two categories of the recent Business Moneyfacts...

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    How To Refinance Government Loans Like CBILS And BBLS

    Refinancing Government-backed business loans is becoming increasingly common as the repayment holiday period has ended and the need to make regular repayments has kicked in. Conversely, some SMEs are looking for additional funds in order to meet their working capital needs.DISCUSS REFINANCINGRefinancing is where you restructure your finance and funding to better meet your needs. This can be via...

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    Stock Finance Loan Funding For Unsold Unfinished Goods

    Inventory or Stock finance can be a difficult type of facility to find. There are some large ABL (Asset Based Lending) lenders that offer it, but typically it is for very substantial amounts and often only as part of an overall package of funding against a variety of assets.This is not the case with all providers. We have found an option for standalone stock finance from a UK based finance house...

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