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    Invoice Discounting Fees

    Invoice discounting fees can be very different across the marketplace. Below we take a look at how prices vary between invoice discounting (ID) companies and how to avoid hidden fees.The charges for ID can be broken down into three types (note that they can be combined or operate differently in some cases):There is a more detailed explanation of invoice finance costs that you should see. It...

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    FundingVoice July 2021 How We Spend Nothing On Marketing

    FundingVoice July 2021 - How We Spend Nothing On Marketing is now available online.You can read the July 2021 edition here: How We Spend Nothing On Marketing.Below is a list of the articles that we have included in this edition of the magazine.In this months issue, you will find a selection of our most recent articles, including:It is completely free to subscribe to our magazine so that you...

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    An Invoice Finance Company In Administration Purchased

    According to a report on their website, another small invoice finance company CCC Finance entered Administration on 14th June 2021. The website reports that this was due to "ongoing financial difficulties".This is the latest of a number of small funders that have failed in recent years. If this or any other failure has affected your facility, or you wish to find alternative finance please...

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    List Of Names For Receivables Finance

    Receivables finance goes by a lot of different names. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to start a list of all the different labels that are used to describe those services. I have included generic names and proprietary names used by particular providers.This is the list of names for receivables finance so far (finance and financing are interchangeable throughout the rest of the...

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    Cash Flow Guide

    Welcome to our free Cash Flow Guide. Below, this cashflow guide will take you through step-by-step how business cash flow works and how to improve your cash position.Let's start with a definition."Cash flow is the net balance of cash moving into and out of a business at a given time".Therefore, you can think of it as the way that money moves through a business. Payments are received from...

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    Help Getting Invoice Finance Approved

    Seeking help getting invoice finance approved? You are reading the right article to help you with that.When you make an application for invoice finance you want to make sure that it gets approved. Sometimes customers delay applying because they are worried that they may be declined. The important thing is to do everything you can to maximise your approval prospects but take action early. Don't...

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    RLS Recovery Loan Scheme Invoice Finance

    Reminder just in from one of our panel of finance companies outlined the Recovery Loan Scheme. It reminded us that it can include Recovery Loan Scheme Invoice Finance. This is in addition to term loans (over terms of up to 6 years) that can be provided under the scheme. Almost immediately, another of our panel of providers contacted us to advise that they are now accredited to offer this...

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