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    Can Invoice Finance Save The Day Roundtable

    Defining the role of receivables finance in the UK's recovery is an important topic. Therefore, I was delighted to be asked to chair the recent round table discussion titled "Can Invoice Finance Save The Day? Getting Business Back On Track In 2021".Our friends at Optimum Finance put the event together, and their CEO Anthony Persse was kind enough to invite me to moderate the discussions that...

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    Discounting Invoices

    Sometimes I despair at the amount of jargon that we use within our sector. I had a recent conversation with someone new the receivables financing sector, which demonstrated perfectly how confusing it can all be to those outside the industry.We were discussing discounting invoices, which I took to mean the receivables financing service (a.k.a. invoice finance) whereby a supplier receives a...

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    Factoring Of Debts GRI And Matrix

    Factoring receivables (debts owed to you by other businesses) is a way to release money whilst you wait for your debtors to pay. Factoring of receivables is a great option if you want to free up working capital that can fund rapid business growth. The more invoices you raise, the more cash becomes available to use in your business.Factoring of debts where the invoices are raised to RPOs like...

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    Invoice Lending For A Brewery With No Personal Guarantees Or Debenture

    Invoice lending on a selective basis, without the need to provide any personal guarantees, or a debenture, was an attractive option to one of our clients.Strictly speaking it's incorrect to refer to it as "invoice lending", it is really selective invoice financing, but often customers will use terms that we don't expect.In this particular case, we were able to assist a brewery that were looking...

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    Factoring Payments To Increase Cash Flow

    Increase your cash flow, and money will flow more smoothly through your business, making it easier to pay your creditors on time.There are really only three ways to increase your cashflow.If your receivables are paid more quickly by your customers, it improves your working capital position. You have more money available. Let's say you have a sales ledger of £100,000 and that represents 2...

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    Testimonial From Mike Cox At Close Brothers Invoice Finance

    Testimonials are what many customers look for before dealing with a company. In addition to collecting customers testimonials we also receive them from some of the funders that we deal with.Below is a great example that was received from Mike Cox at Close Brothers Invoice Finance, as part of his support for us in the Business Moneyfacts awards 2021.This is what Mike said about Glenn Blackman and...

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    The Results Of The BMF Awards 2021 Best Service From An Invoice Finance Company

    Business Moneyfacts hold their annual awards each year, and we have been pleased to be Finalists for the last 7 consecutive years in the category "Invoice Finance Broker Of The Year". However, there are a couple of other categories that I am always keen to watch, as they are useful information for anyone that is trying to find an invoice finance company.Two categories of the recent Business...

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    Why Did Greensill Fail

    Greensill was one of over a hundred invoice finance companies that were involved in the UK receivables financing market. Their recent failure has provoked a scandal over government lobbying and the far-reaching impact of the financial failure. Below we have drawn together material about the group, and the reasons behind the failure.If you were a customer of the group, and you require replacement...

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    Money Factoring

    Receivables finance is a sector that is awash with jargon, and one which uses all sorts of different terms (synonyms) to describe the same thing. The other day I was asked "what's money factoring?", it's a phrase I have never heard used before, but one that is easily explained.Money factoring is just another term for the financial service called debt factoring. It enables companies to release...

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    22 Percent Confidential Invoice Discounting Saving

    Moving their confidential invoice discounting facility to a new provider could save one of our clients more than 22% on the total fees that they are currently paying their existing discounter. This is an example of the savings that can be achieved if you check your pricing against the market.The client was using confidential invoice discounting from a bank backed provider, and they wanted to see...

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    Recovery Loan Scheme Versus CBILS

    Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) is the new government initiative to replace CBILS and BBLS (the loan schemes that have now closed to new applications). I wrote about it in my previous post following its announcement in March 2021: RLS - The Recovery Loan Scheme and Alternatives but so far there as been relatively little advertised about RLS when compared to CBILS.In the following video I take a look...

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    Invoice Finance Trends Versus Business Loans

    This video is an explanation of research into what is going on regarding online search trends for invoice finance, factoring, invoice discounting and business loans. The video was created, and is hosted on Vimeo, who provide an excellent free tool to be able to record via a webcam, and your screen, simultaneously.In the video, I use another excellent free online tool called "Google Trends" to...

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    Invoice Factoring Services

    Invoice factoring services are forms of business receivables financing that can deliver a number of benefits, depending on the exact type of product that you choose to use.See our Guide To Factoring for more detail about the operation of these products and the differences between the various offerings that are on the market.These are the purposes of using invoice factoring services.They...

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