Confidential Invoice Discounting From A Reputable Invoice Discounting Company For A Business With Previous Business Failures

We have just been able to help a business find a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility (CID) despite having previous business failures in the business' history. The company was struggling to find a finance company that would support them, despite having consultancy support within the business to ensure that it is successful. The client company had spoken to a number of difference invoice discounting companies without success. We were able to put them in touch with a smaller independent invoice discounter that were more than happy to help and provided a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility which will provide working capital for the business.

Even if a business has failed to find an invoice finance company it is likely that we will be able to find a reputable invoice finance company that will provide you with finance as we have extensive knowledge and experience of the invoice finance market. Our historic statistics suggest that we are able to help 81% of clients save money on quotes or facilities that they sourced elsewhere. On average we have been able to find clients savings of 35% of the fees they would pay elsewhere.

Average savings achieved updated August 2018 to 34%.


Posted: 5th of February 2014

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