Case Study 50 Percent Cost Saving On Confidential Invoice Discounting Costs

Every so often we are able to help a client by finding them huge cost savings on their invoice discounting costs. On average we can find 81% of invoice finance clients a cost-saving and the average saving is 35% but in this recent case, we were able to find the client a huge 50% cost saving by helping them move to an alternative confidential invoice discounting provider.

Our client trades in equestrian supplies and they were using Confidential Invoice Discounting from an invoice finance company. They wanted to save some money and so we searched the invoice finance market for them and found them a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility with an invoice discounter that is backed by a large bank. The new invoice discounters were able to offer our client a huge 50% saving in their invoice discounting costs and our client has the peace of mind of knowing that a large banking concern is behind the company that now provide their funding. They also have a great reputation for excellent service delivery.

This case proves that substantial savings are available within the invoice discounting market.

Average savings updated August 2018 to 34% over the last year.


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