Help Changing Invoice Finance Providers

Some of the customers that we help are looking to move their factoring, invoice discounting or trade finance facilities between different providers. We can help you find the best option for your business, and provide a "hand holding" service, through the process of moving provider.

Prices, service levels and funding flexibility varies between providers and there are always special offers and discounts available.

Our clients are often worried about the difficulties that they expect to encounter when changing between different providers such as paying termination fees, notifying existing customers and the hassle that they anticipate.

Fortunately, there have been some significant changes recently that have made the process of switching providers extremely simple.

Help Paying Termination Fees

We deal with a number of providers that will help our clients pay termination fees levied by existing providers either in part or even in full.  Equally, the cost savings that we can often find for a client will more than offset any termination fee over time.

"Hand Holding" Transfer Service

We have access to providers that will provide a "hand holding" service to take new clients smoothly through the transfer process between different providers.  Similarly, our expert advisers will also help and guide you through this process.  This can take much of the hassle out of the process for you.

Standard Transfer Procedures

Lastly, the professional body to which most of the factoring and discounting companies belong, the Asset Based Financing Association has standard procedures that their members must follow to simplify the transfer process between members.

Overall these measures mean that many of the fears that clients have can be overcome and the transfer process can be significantly simpler than one might expect. 

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