Business Finance Case Studies

The case studies on this page illustrate a few of the various clients that FundInvoice LLP have successfully helped to find business finance.

Finance may may have been provided via simple business loans, invoice finance or specialist funding for particular industry sectors.

Difficult Cases

We specialise in being able to help difficult cases that have struggled to access the funding they need from other lenders.

We can normally help, even if you are experiencing difficult circumstances, or have a poor credit history. Some of the cases below demonstrate how we have supported companies in similar circumstances.

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Case Studies

These are some of the companies that we have helped:

Case Study - Funding Invoices And Applications For Payment In Construction

Case Study - Startup Funding For A Driver Hire Recruitment Agency

Case Study - Car Accident Repair Funding Invoices To Insurance Companies

Case Study - Solving A Single Debtor Funding Problem In Construction

Case Study - Help When A Factoring Limit Is Removed

Case Study - Find Finance For A Permanent Recruitment Agency

Case Study - Prepayment Restrictions Due To HMRC Arrears

Case Study - £300K Car Body Repair Company Funded

Case Study - Improved Credit Control Collections Service For A Translation Services Provider

Case Study - Factoring A Phoenix Of A CVA In The Construction Sector

Case Study - 42% Cost Saving Via FundingVoice Magazine

Case Study - One Off Cash Flow Fix For A Marketing Agency

Case Study - Cost Saving And Unrestricted Funding Against Bupa - De Poel

Case Study - Factoring For A London Based Web Advertising Company

Case Study - Confidential Invoice Discounting For £15 Million Turnover Business

Case Study - Selective Debtor Factoring For Dry Cleaning For Hotels & Bed And Breakfasts (B&Bs)

Case Study - Funding Against de Poel For A Recruitment Business

Case Study - Factoring For A Recruitment Healthcare Start-up

Case Study - Funding Recruitment RPO's Commensura and Matrix

Case Study - Small Business Confidential Factoring - Credit Control Service

Case Study - Factoring For Garage Handling Car Crash Repairs Invoicing Insurance Companies

Case Studies - 6 Recent Invoice Finance Clients

Case Study - Spot Factoring Help To Fund Selected Invoices

Case Study - 50% Cost Saving On Confidential Invoice Discounting Costs

Case Study - Factoring For Care Home Staff Recruitment Agency

Case Study - Too Small For Your Factoring Company

Case Study - Recourse Factoring To Buy Out A Director

Case Study - Recourse Factoring For A New Start Recruitment Business

Case Study - Confidential Invoice Discounting (CID) For A 3 Million Turnover Business

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