Invoice Finance, Factoring & Invoice Discounting Case Studies

The case studies on this page illustrate a few of the various clients that FundInvoice LLP have successfully helped to find invoice finance, factoring, invoice discounting or other forms of commercial finance.


Case Studies

Case Study - Solving A Single Debtor Funding Problem In Construction

Case Study - Help When A Factoring Limit Is Removed

Case Study - Find Finance For A Permanent Recruitment Agency

Case Study - Prepayment Restrictions Due To HMRC Arrears

Case Study - £300K Car Body Repair Company Funded

Case Study - Improved Credit Control Collections Service For A Translation Services Provider

Case Study - Factoring A Phoenix Of A CVA In The Construction Sector

Case Study - 42% Cost Saving Via FundingVoice Magazine

Case Study - One Off Cash Flow Fix For A Marketing Agency

Case Study - Cost Saving And Unrestricted Funding Against Bupa - De Poel

Case Study - Factoring For A London Based Web Advertising Company

Case Study - Confidential Invoice Discounting For £15 Million Turnover Business

Case Study - Selective Debtor Factoring For Dry Cleaning For Hotels & Bed And Breakfasts (B&Bs)

Case Study - Funding Against de Poel For A Recruitment Business

Case Study - Factoring For A Recruitment Healthcare Start-up

Case Study - Funding Recruitment RPO's Commensura and Matrix

Case Study - Small Business Confidential Factoring - Credit Control Service

Case Study - Factoring For Garage Handling Car Crash Repairs Invoicing Insurance Companies

Case Studies - 6 Recent Invoice Finance Clients

Case Study - Spot Factoring Help To Fund Selected Invoices

Case Study - 50% Cost Saving On Confidential Invoice Discounting Costs

Case Study - Factoring For Care Home Staff Recruitment Agency

Case Study - Too Small For Your Factoring Company

Case Study - Recourse Factoring To Buy Out A Director

Case Study - Recourse Factoring For A New Start Recruitment Business

Case Study - Confidential Invoice Discounting (CID) For A 3 Million Turnover Business

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Examples of just a few of our finance partners:

lloyds bank
ultimate finance group
hh cashflow
metro bank sme finance