Quotes From Users Recommending Invoice Finance

Quotes from the 98%, of users we surveyed, that said they would recommend invoice finance to other businesses. These are some of the quotes from users that we asked if they would recommend invoice finance:

  • "Yes definitely"
  • "Yes 100%"
  • "Yes always do"
  • "Yes it helped us to double our turnover"
  • "Yes without doubt"
  • "Yes those who don’t are missing out"
  • "Yes improved our cash flow and helped us secure deals"
  • "Yes has helped us grow"
  • "Yes i think it’s the best thing we ever did for our business"
  • "Yes absolutely"

Some really positive comments showing just how well invoice finance can work for some businesses.

If you are looking for a pricing quotation for your own business: REQUEST AN INVOICE FINANCE QUOTE

Source: Invoice Finance Recommendation & Advertising Survey May 2015 (100 respondents - all existing users).

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