FundInvoice Invoice Finance Quote Specialists Of The Year UK 2023

FundInvoice Award Winners 2023 Invoice Finance Quote Specialists Of The Year - UK

Glenn Blackman and Sean Morrow the Partners at FundInvoice LLP are delighted to announce that they are the winners of another award at the EEAs 2023.

Invoice Finance Quote Specialists Of The Year - UK 2023

The award is for "Invoice Finance Quote Specialists Of The Year - UK" at the European Business Awards 2023. This is the 3rd year running that we have won an award at the European Enterprise Awards.

This comes shortly after being confirmed as a Finalist for the 10th consecutive year, for "Invoice Finance Broker of the Year" at the 2024 Business Moneyfacts Awards. The winner of that shortlist will be announced later this year.

We are very pleased to have won an award for the 3rd time.

Response From Glenn Blackman, Partners at FundInvoice LLP

In response to receiving the award, Glenn Blackman said:

"Our team are overjoyed to have received a third consecutive award at the EEAs 2023. Getting this type of recognition drives us forward to achieve even more. Our mission is to bring the best business funding and invoice finance deals to UK companies and these awards encourage our team to reach a larger audience and help more UK companies that are struggling to get access to the financing they need.

"Our business has grown and our business finance quote search service has consistently achieved huge average cost savings for clients. We have been delighted to continue to enjoy high average satisfaction ratings amongst our customers. We would like to thank all our clients, finance partners and readers who have provided testimonials to help us win this award. We appreciate your ongoing support and intend to continue to help you access the very best funding solutions."

Invoice Finance Quote Specialists Of The Year - UK - EEAs 2023

You can read more about our win here - FundInvoice Wins Third Award

Thanks again for all your support!

Glenn & Sean

Glenn Blackman And Sean Morrow Of FundInvoice LLP Award Winners 2023

Award Trophy

This is the trophy that we received for the award (also shown with the 2 previous awards from 2022 and 2021):

 Invoice Finance Quote Specialists of the Year - UK 2023 FundInvoice LLP Awards Trophies From 2023, 2022 & 2021

Posted: 20th of February 2024

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