Case Study - One Off Cash Flow Fix For A Marketing Agency

One Off Funding

Many companies do not want to be tied into funding arrangements long term, and there are very short term deals available. An example was a Marketing Agency that we were able to assist recently. One of their larger customers was slow to pay and they were looking for a short term cash flow fix. They had approached their high street bank but they were had not been able to help them.

Single Transaction Invoice Finance

We put them in touch with an invoice finance company that specialise in funding single, one-off transactions, for short periods of time, without any contractual lock ins to ever use their service again. This appealed to our client who was able to generate a substantial amount of cash for a short period of time, and as the facility was confidential, their debtor didn't even know that they had used an invoice finance company.

Funding Options For The Future

The great news for our client is that they now have this funding option in place, should they ever need temporary cash flow help in the future, however, they have absolutely not obligation to use the service ever again - the ultimate flexible funding solution.

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