What Percentage Of Users Would Recommend Invoice Finance?

This is the most important question for anyone thinking about using invoice finance, factoring or invoice discounting: "What percentage of users would recommend invoice finance?".

98% Would Recommend It

We put this question to a randomly selected sample of 200 existing product users, that were using a range of different factoring and invoice discounting companies:

  • 98% of existing invoice finance users said that they would recommend it to other businesses.

Why 2% Won't Recommend It

There were only three businesses, out of two hundred, that said that they would not recommend it. In one case they had an ongoing dispute with the invoice finance company and in another they felt the price was too high. Interestingly, the business with the pricing concern also told us that they had NOT checked their pricing against the market, within the last 12 months!

Two of these businesses were using a high street bank for their invoice finance, rather than an independent invoice finance company.

Source: Invoice Finance Recommendation & Advertising Survey May 2015 (100 respondents - all existing users) the sample was expanded, to 200 respondents, in our Invoice Finance And Late Payment Survey - October 2015 (100 respondents - all existing users of invoice finance).


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