Recession Protection Against Bad Debts - Non Recourse Credit Protection

There is some comment in the press once again about the global economy being on the verge of a global #recession

In a recession the level of customer failures can increase dramatically but they can occur even when the economy is doing well. Bad debt protection is available to secure your business against the possibility of a customer failing and being unable to pay their outstanding invoices.


Bad Debt Protection 

We can introduce you to a financier that will provide you with bad debt protection which can also be know as non recourse.  Non recourse means that your business is protected against the risk of customers not paying due to insolvency or protracted default (extended period of non-payment).

The financier will allocate credit limits for new customers which means that you can trade with them in the confidence that you won't suffer from a bad debt.  Bad debt protection can be provided independently (on a stand-alone basis) or in addition to either factoring, invoice discounting or export finance.

In some cases funding is linked to the credit limits but we can introduce you to providers where that is not the case and even providers that offer overpayment facilities.

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