Specialist Help For Your Industry Sector

We are able to assist just about any industry sector with some form of business finance.

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However, there are some particular sectors that we have specialist resources to help:

  1. Manufacturers - Why invoice finance works for manufacturing businesses

  2. Recruitment Companies - Sales finance for recruiters

  3. Construction Sector - Finance against applications for payment or sales invoices.

  4. Bodyshop Car Repairs - 100% funding against invoices to crash insurance companies

  5. Retailers - Shop and retailer funding

  6. Accountancy firms - Invoice finance for Accountants or their clients

  7. Hauliers & haulage - Funding for haulage, freight and transport services companies.

Sectors We Can Help

This is a full list of all the Standard Industry Classification codes that we can assist, in nearly all cases there are specialist finance options available.


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    Examples of just a few of our finance partners:

    metro bank sme finance