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Invoice Finance (IF) releases cash, for any purpose, the money can be used to:

  • Raise money from the cash tied up in the outstanding sales invoices of your company.
  • Release an immediate cash injection as funding is given against your outstanding sales ledger.
  • Improve your cash flow and release working capital for any purpose.
  • As your sales ledger grows, so the amount of finance grows.
  • Help with credit control activity (if you want it - or you can retain this in-house).
  • Optional protectection against bad debts.

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The sales invoices are often the most valuable asset of a business but also an asset that is overlooked when it comes to raising finance. This form or funding seeks to address this by providing revolving finance against the outstanding unpaid sales invoices of the business. Finance invoice batches, individual invoices or all your invoices.

Immediately you raise new invoices, the funder will provide a prepayment (also known as an initial payment or early payment) against the gross value of the sales invoices. The financier will provide further prepayments as subsequent invoices are raised. In this way the level of funding grows as your business grows and it can dramatically improve the cash flow of the business.

How Much Cash Could You Raise?

Funding percentages can be up to 100% but as an example, if a business has an outstanding sales ledger of £100,000 and, for example, the funder agrees a prepayment percentage of 85%, the business could receive up to £85,000 funding immediately. The balance of the invoice values is still passed to the business once the invoices are paid, less the funder's charges.

To find out how much cash you could raise using IF use our free online cash calculator.

What Does Invoice Finance Cost?

The costs depend upon the type of facility you want, whether you want any credit control options, and the nature of your business. You can choose to get funding against individual invoices without any contract, this can cost just a few percentage points of the invoice value. If you wanted to finance all your invoices, the total cost starts from c. £2,100 + VAT per annum. All inclusive fees are available. However, you can get funding against one or more invoices that you select - in these cases the cost can be much less. 

Read an explanation of the costs.

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Types of IF 

There are two principle types of IF, which can both be completely Confidential so that no one knows you are using the service:

  • Invoice discounting. - you receive funding and retain your own credit control function.
  • Factoring - you receive funding and credit control support.

You can also receive funding against just selected invoices or via an invoice auction where investors bid for the right to fund against your invoices.

Further Information About IF

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