Case Study Factoring For A London Based Web Advertising Company

In this case study, FundInvoice recently helped a London based web advertising company find finance for growth through a recourse factoring facility. This kind of technology business could be difficult to fund as it is likely to have little in the way of assets to secure traditional forms of bank finance, and the nature of the business may not be attractive to all invoice finance companies. Factoring can also have significant cost benefits over traditional forms of finance such as bank overdrafts.

However, we were able to help them secure a recourse factoring facility, with a reputable independent factoring company, that would allow them to finance their future growth.

The benefit of using factoring is that in addition to finance it also provides our client with a full credit control service. The particular independent factoring company we paired them with are known to provide a very comprehensive sales ledger collection service, such that the burden of credit control is lifted from our client. Not all credit control services are equal, some factoring organisations only undertake collections for the largest debtors, leaving the customer to supplement the service with their own resources. This is not the case here, we know the quality of the service that this independent factoring company provides, hence their place on our panel of funders.

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