Funniest Late Payment Excuses

Working in the credit control industry, collecting late payments, we have come across lots of excuses for late payment. If you are looking for something funny to read - this is a list of the funniest late payment excuses that we have come across. If you have a funnier one send it to us and we will add it to the list:

  1. I was in jail so I didn't get your payment demand.
  2. I broke my hand so couldn't write your cheque.
  3. The postman must have stolen the stamp from the letter I sent you, that's why you haven't received your cheque.
  4. I fell off my bike and broke both my legs so I couldn't get to the post box to post the cheque.
  5. I cannot pay you because I am ill and could die at any time. If I die I will be hacked off if I wasted my money paying you.
  6. I have lost a lot of weight on a diet and had to buy new clothes so could not afford to pay.
  7. Your invoice was entered into our lucky draw last month but unfortunately failed to be drawn for payment.
  8. I was temporarily paralysed so couldn't walk to the bank.
  9. I am sitting here watching the dog waiting for your cheque that he ate to reappear.
  10. I lost my glasses and so couldn't read the invoice.
  11. I have a multiple personality syndrome and I thought the other 'me' had paid you.
  12. I took sleeping tablets and missed the day.
  13. I have died.
  14. I'm waiting for someone to buy my kidney.

If you have heard of a funnier one, send it to us and we will add it to the list of the funniest late payment excuses.

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