Ferrari Schumacher - Hamilton Mercedes - Sales Analogy

As a broker of some experience I have been asked on more than one occasion for my thoughts on what makes a great invoice finance sales person and there are many answers to that ranging from “gift of the gab”, good product knowledge, likeable etc. However, what also occurred to me, and again I speak from experience, is that a sales person can have all the above talents but be in the wrong organisation for them, and simply not flourish as they should.

As a keen motor racing, Formula 1, fan I saw a number of similarities between this issue and Formula 1, hence I came up with the Schumacher/Ferrari analogy or perhaps in today’s terms the Hamilton/Mercedes analogy! (My apologies for those of you who don’t follow Formula 1 but hopefully you will get the idea).

In very simple terms if you put a great racing driver into a great car then the likelihood is that in more cases than not they will win the Grand Prix, hence the Schumacher/Ferrari or Hamilton/Mercedes combinations/references. However, put a great driver in a lesser car and he will struggle no matter how good he is. A classic example of this is again Michael Schumacher. Dominant with the Ferrari’s in the mid noughties, 5 world championships to his name, came back in a Mercedes that was clearly not as good as it is now and he struggled. Had Schumacher lost his mojo, unlikely, but the car was not really a great race winning car.

Conversely, you can put an average racing car driver into a great car and still win Grand Prix. Again referring to Ferrari, Michael Schumacher’s team mates at the time of his dominance were Eddie Irvine and Rubens Barrichello. With the greatest of respect to both drivers they may not have been the best drivers out there out there, but they still won a number of races due to Ferrari’s superior car”.

The very obvious point that I am trying to make is that through time FundInvoice has managed to develop relationships with numerous ‘Schumacher/Hamilton” types as well as a few Ferrari type invoice finance companies, which the average client will simply not have access to (unless they are lucky). I am sure that when the future of your business is dependent upon the quality of the people and organisation you contact you would much rather back a winner than take pot luck. For that reason if nothing else, if you are looking or thinking of looking into the invoice finance market why not contact me on 0333 011 3622, my quotation search service is independent, and I can take the stress and time of this exercise. I am confident that I can deliver a winning combination.

by Sean Morrow
Partner - FundInvoice LLP

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