• Invoice Finance Against RPO Pay As Paid Contracts

    Invoice finance against recruitment invoices to RPOs, with "pay as paid" clauses in the contract, may be available from our funding partners, in some cases. I came across the following article in the Recruiter: http://www.recruiter.co.uk/archive/part-28/-Pay-when-paid--hits-invoice-discounting/ which describes the issue of "pay as paid" contracts with RPOs. The article highlights the problem that invoice finance companies normally have problems funding these invoices as they may not be paid if the RPOs ultimate buyer fails to pay. The article specifically mentions Hays. Hyphen, Commersura and Matrix. It also contained a comment from de Poel. It mentions that invoice finance companies are generally unwilling to fund invoices unless the clauses are removed, and it mentions that removal has been refused by some RPOs. We have had this issues with recruitment clients in the past but we had a recent meeting with a well known invoice finance company that are prepared to fund invoices with "pay as paid" contract clauses, in some cases where the credit standing of the RPO is satisfactory. Contact FundInvoice for details and advice.

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