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Research about invoice finance in the UK.Before you take out invoice finance read this. FundInvoice LLP has produced this free, extensive UK archive of invoice finance research regarding factoring (with credit control) and invoice discounting. This is essential information for anyone considering using invoice or sales finance or thinking of changing invoice finance companies.

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We want to share some of the findings and reports from our extensive invoice finance market research programme. Our findings are shared online, individually, via Glenn Blackman's Invoice Finance Blog which provides a searchable database of the various findings.

Market Research Surveys Relating To Invoice Finance

We have the findings from numerous surveys related to invoice finance and business funding generally. We have undertaken extensive amounts of research to understand these products and the differences between offerings.

Invoice Finance Pricing

We have summarised our invoice finance pricing related research and information into a single post that draws together multiple studies across various different products.

Other Aspects


These infographics summarise some of our research findings (click on the images for large versions) or you can view all of our: Infographics:

Adverts for the #IFaware campaign:

Myths About Invoice Finance For Recruiters Debunked 

UK late payment, growth and recommendations for invoice finance:

Funding Business Growth Late Payment And Growth
Invoice Finance Users Recommendations

New startups and high growth funding: 


Market sizing and existing client research:


Infographics in PDF format:

Research Summaries

These are links to the various research summaries that pull together our findings:

  • Business Finance Research Summary May 2016 - this simple list of bullet points summarises the key findings to date from our business finance research programme.

  • Invoice Finance Research Report July 2015 - a summary of the research findings from January 2015 to July 2015. Including percentages that will recommend invoice finance; eligibility; why customers pick invoice finance; advertising methods being used; price checking; how to increase user numbers; switching invoice finance companies and overdraft versus alternative finance.

  • Invoice Finance Research Report January 2015 - a summary of the research findings from 2013 to January 2015. Including sizing the UK market, invoice finance for fast-growing businesses and new startups; client life; customer satisfaction differences and mystery shopper invoice finance pricing results.

  • Mystery Shopper Full Report - August 2014 - a full report of the findings from our invoice finance mystery shopper pricing survey.

  • Mystery Shopper Summary Report - August 2014 - a summary of our mystery shopper study amongst our panel of confidential invoice discounting, recourse factoring and non-recourse factoring companies to find the top 3 cheapest quotes for each product.

  • Invoice Discounting Clients Survey Findings - March 2014 - a survey of 54 existing invoice discounting clients that were asked to rate and review their invoice discounter.

  • Factoring Clients Survey Findings - March 2014 - a survey of 46 existing factoring clients where they were asked to rate and review their factoring company.

  • Invoice Finance Market Research Summary Part 3 - the 3rd part of a summary of our historical research findings. Includes preference for a tariff of charges vs. fixed fees and detailed research regarding construction finance and funding against applications for payment within the construction sector.

  • Invoice Finance Market Research Summary Part 2 - the 2nd summary which covers: raising the profile of invoice finance; what is missing from the IF market?; what customers don't like about invoice finance; what they expect to pay for invoice finance and how clients suggest we promote these products.

  • Invoice Finance Market Research Summary Part 1 - the 1st summary which covers: the potential size of the invoice finance market; why more businesses don't use invoice finance; the 8 most well-known invoice finance companies; who is most actively marketing; research regarding bank overdraft; how businesses choose their invoice finance company and their detailed pricing expectations.

Research Related Published Articles

Presentations & PowerPoint

Presentations relating to our Invoice Finance Market Research Programme.


You can see our research related videos on our FundInvoice YouTube channel.

Research Blog

Many of our research findings are shared via our blog. You can find all the research related blog posts here.

      Using Our Research Findings

      We encourage anyone to reuse our results in order to promote the industry. Use of our findings is free of charge and we only ask that you credit FundInvoice LLP for the research and provide a follow link back to this page.

      Future Surveys

      We are currently releasing the results from our survey of existing invoice finance users - there will be a further research summary in due course but the findings are published to the blog (see above) as they arise. If you have suggestions for future surveys we would be pleased to hear from you.

      UK Invoice Finance Research Group

      Invoice Finance Research GroupWe also manage the UK Invoice Finance Group on LinkedIn. This group is open to anyone to join that shares its aims: The UK Invoice Finance Research Group is intended to enable the sharing of research relevant to invoice finance, factoring, invoice discounting awareness and related subjects to aid in the expansion of the UK invoice finance market. UK Invoice Finance Research Group

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