Finance Against Fee Notes For Accountants

If you are an established firm of accountants, with 3 or more partners, there is a unique form of finance that you could access against "fee notes" that are billed in arrears of work being carried out, but before the invoice is raised to the client. This means that they funding is provided before the invoice is raised i.e. before the VAT element is determined. This type of finance for accountants can be used for any purpose.

Fee Note Funding

An advance of 50 - 70% can be made for an extended funding period of up to 180 days. New offer - up to 80% finance against fee notes for up to 6 months.

This kind of fee note finance can include other division of the firm and the main practice.

There may also be scope to fund against "tax returns and audits", in cases where the work relates to businesses. There may also be scope to explore funding against direct debits (DD's) or standing orders, providing they are paid in arrears.

Acqusition Finance

This kind of funding could be used by a firm of accountants to finance the acquisition of another accountancy firm, or for any other purpose.

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