Case Study Too Small For Your Factoring Company

This case study concerns a small company using #factoring that had to move between providers as their existing factoring company changed their criteria and decided that it no longer wanted to handle clients under a certain size.

It is hard to believe in the current climate that any factoring company would seek to offload existing clients but this particular case was an example of that. The factoring company concerned had decided not to handle smaller clients and so this client needed to find another alternative factoring company. The business was a recruitment company, ideal for factoring and fortunately, there are numerous factors that are more than happy to help small companies.

Factoring For Small Companies

We were able to help this client move to an independent factoring company that is owned by a major bank, giving the client peace of mind that their funding line would be secure. The factor was also very happy to handle smaller companies so there was a clear fit between the provider and the client. The factor is known for its high quality of service delivery so that ticks another box for our client.

If you are a small company looking for factoring or any other form of invoice finance, don't worry - there are plenty of options available that we can suggest.

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