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I am Glenn Blackman, welcome to my business & invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting blog.

I have worked within the business funding and invoice finance industry since 1988, and I am a partner at FundInvoice LLP where we offer the UK’s first market research led free, business & invoice finance support and search service.

Glenn Blackman's Business & Invoice Finance Blog

I use the blog to share details of new product offers that I come across, our market research relating to business financing and growth, and to share any other interesting bits of news (or gossip!) that I hear that are relating to our industry or how to grow your business.

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    Castle Business Finance Has Gone Into Administration

    Castle Business Finance Limited (CBF), the invoice finance and trade finance company, has gone into Administration. If you are a customer or were a prospect, and you need refinancing or alternative replacement finance urgently, please:Contact Sean on 03330 113622.CBF, company number 10303995 was based at SO12, Pure Offices, Kestrel Court, Harbour Road, Portishead, BS20 7AN. Companies house...

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    Factoring Company Definition

    This page is designed to give easy access to those seeking factoring companies.This is our factoring company definition:"A factoring company is an organisation that offers debt factoring services to businesses.Debt factoring is the combination of a prepayment against an unpaid sales invoice that was raised on credit terms, and the provision of a credit control service to collect, or assist with...

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    Factoring Help

    If you need factoring help you are in the right place.To speak to a finance expert please call Sean on: 03330 113622 and he will be able to help you.Factoring is the term used to describe a range of financial services that are used by businesses that sell to other businesses on credit terms. The services improve their cash flow and remove or reduce the need to operate their own credit control...

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    Using Invoice Finance To Pay Off Debt

    The amount of business loans taken out in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has seen the debt burden on UK companies soar to record levels. Whilst many of these loans carry an initial payment holiday, after the first 12 months the repayments will start to fall due, putting many under extreme pressure to meet the repayments. This is coupled with potential uncertainty about the UK economy.Loans...

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    Explaining Accounts Receivable Loans

    The terms "accounts receivable loans" can be used to refer to several different types of financial services for businesses. The term is not specific and can be applied to a number of products.Taken literally, it would refer to a business loan, secured against the book debts of the borrower, which are also called "accounts receivable". "Book debts" are all the outstanding amounts that customers...

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