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I am Glenn Blackman, welcome to my business & invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting blog.

I have worked within the business funding and invoice finance industry since 1988, and I am a partner at FundInvoice LLP where we offer the UK’s first market research led free, business & invoice finance support and search service.

Glenn Blackman's Business & Invoice Finance Blog

I use the blog to share details of new product offers that I come across, our market research relating to business financing and growth, and to share any other interesting bits of news (or gossip!) that I hear that are relating to our industry or how to grow your business.

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    UK And Export Funding For Shopfitters.

    Shopfitting is a trade that we have recently been able to assist. We arranged a UK and Export funding facility for a UK shopfitting company that were involved with design, development and the project management of retail shop refits.Funding shopfitters might have been a tricky trade for some invoice finance companies, it is very close to the construction sector in the way that it operates - and...

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    Find Funding For A Car Repairer Working For Insurance Companies.

    Insurance company invoices for car repairs are able to funded at 100% of their face value (less a fee to use the service). I have reported previously about what a simple version of receivables financing crash repairs can be. We have been able to assist numerous car repair companies within the sector, and we have just assisted another customer.REQUEST A QUOTEThis particular customer was turning...

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    Help If You Have Fallen Out With Your Bank

    Relationships with lenders don't always run smoothly. Despite our research suggesting that 98% of users would recommend their invoice finance company, sometimes customers fall out with their provider.In some cases this is fueled by the customer having financial problems, turning to their funder, and not getting the response and support that they had hoped for.We had a case recently where a client...

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    Diverse Trades That We Have Found Funding

    Whilst looking through recent deals that we have completed to find a few for case studies that I can add to our website, it struck me what a diverse range of different trades, and industry sectors, we have arranged funding for recently.The variety of types of business finance that we can arrange for companies, means that there are options whatever your industry sector.These are just a few...

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    A Testimonial From An Invoice Finance Company

    We have many testimonials on our site from clients, but we also have some testimonials from the funders and invoice finance companies that we deal with.We were recently Finalists for an award from Business Moneyfacts (BMF), for the Best Invoice Finance Broker 2019.As part of that review process, BMF sought testimonials about us from both our clients and other parties that we deal with.One of...

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