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I am Glenn Blackman, welcome to my business & invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting blog.

I have worked within the business funding and invoice finance industry since 1988, and I am a partner at FundInvoice LLP where we offer the UK’s first market research led free, business & invoice finance advice and search service.

Glenn Blackman's Business & Invoice Finance Blog

I use the blog to share details of new product offers that I come across, our market research relating to business financing and growth, and to share any other interesting bits of news (or gossip!) that I hear that are relating to our industry or how to grow your business.

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    How Effective Is Using Blockchain To Avoid Invoice Finance Fraud?

    I have seen quite a few articles recently suggesting that blockchain technology can be used to help combat invoice finance fraud. I have written before about the benefits of using blockchain in an invoice finance scenario.The first time I came across this application was an organisation called Populous who are presently are launching what they believe to be the first blockchain based invoice...

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    Factoring For Road Transport Company Cash Flow Problems As Bad Debts Increase

    Coincidently, just after posting my article about transportation factoring companies, I saw an article published online by the Motor Transport publication, suggesting that bad debts have risen significantly within the road transport sector.The article sites figures regarding the road transport sector, released by Credit Safe. This statistics show that in the first quarter of 2018, while sales...

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    Retailageddon - Why Are So Many High Profile Companies In Financial Trouble?

    Can anyone explain why so many high profile companies are having financial problems? Is there cause to worry about economic stability?I first started really paying attention to the spate of emerging problems when Carillion collapsed, the second largest UK construction firm. Watching some of the social media commentators that have an interest in the credit insurance sector. Since then there seem...

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    Transportation Factoring Companies

    Transportation and distribution are key sectors for the use of factoring services. Many companies within those sectors use this form of funding, in order to unlock cash to improve their cash flow.Transport companies accounted for 6.6% of all clients of members of the ABFA (now UK Finance) as at the end of December 2017. Distribution companies accounted for 23.5% of client numbers, at the same...

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    Factoring Examples

    Below I have set out some factoring examples, so that you can see exactly how the product works.GET A FACTORING QUOTEBelow are a variety of examples of situations where factoring can and a fit your business.If you are not currently using the product, any outstanding customer invoices can be immediately turned into cash, boosting the working capital available to your company.A good example of this...

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