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I am Glenn Blackman, welcome to my business & invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting blog.

I have worked within the business funding and invoice finance industry since 1988, and I am a partner at FundInvoice LLP where we offer the UK’s first market research led free, business & invoice finance support and search service.

Glenn Blackman's Business & Invoice Finance Blog

I use the blog to share details of new product offers that I come across, our market research relating to business financing and growth, and to share any other interesting bits of news (or gossip!) that I hear that are relating to our industry or how to grow your business.

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    Which Industry Sectors And Trades Use Invoice Finance?

    Understanding which industry sectors and trades tend to use invoice funding, might be useful if you are considering taking up a facility. After all, this type of funding is not necessarily suitable to every type of business, so it is worth knowing if others in your sector already use these services.The broad range of different trades that use receivables financing, suggests that there is a...

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    Cash Flow Versus Profit.

    Cash flow is not the same thing as profit. Whilst profitability is a measure of how successfully a business can sell its products or services, at a margin over and above his expenses, cash flow is the measure of how smoothly the cash from those sales flows through the business.Cash flow Is a measure of the ability of a business to use its assets, its current assets – those that are almost...

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    Why Use An Invoice Finance Broker?

    Invoice finance brokers normally work with a range of invoice finance companies, in order to understand what they offer and to be able to introduce prospective customers to the right provider. We are based in St. Leonards-on-Sea, near Hastings in East Sussex from where we handle the whole of the UK. We can introduce you to funders that have offices local to you if required.You may be asking...

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    Notes On Analysing A Company Balance Sheet.

    Analysis of a company's balance sheet allows you to understand what assets and liabilities fall within the business, and whether the business is liquid (has enough liquid assets to pay its short term creditors as they fall due) and solvent i.e. assets exceed liabilities. Therefore it can be helpful in trying to establish the financial position of a company e.g. to decide on granting a credit...

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    The ABFA UK Finance Statics Only Available To Members?

    Statistics about the invoice finance and asset based finance industry have been produced for many years by what was the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association). The ABFA have now become part of UK Finance. It would appears that the historic ABFA statistics are now intended for members only.The statistics pull together a broad range of information about the clients of it's members, including sales...

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