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I'm Glenn Blackman, welcome to my business & invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting blog. The blog also has lots of posts with ideas about how to grow your business.

Selling Without Shaking Hands - How To Sell From Anywhere by Glenn Blackman & Mike VinceRecently I co-authored and published a book: "Selling Without Shaking Hands - How To Sell From Anywhere" which is available from the Amazon bookstore. Thank you to all those that have ordered a copy.

I have worked within the business funding and invoice finance industry since 1988, and I am a partner at FundInvoice LLP where we offer the UK’s first market research led free, business & invoice finance support and search service.

Glenn Blackman's Business & Invoice Finance Blog

I use the blog to share details of new product offers that I come across, our market research relating to business financing and growth, and to share any other interesting bits of news (or gossip!) that I hear that are relating to our industry or how to grow your business.

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    We Have Rebranded The FundInvoice Website

    We have rebranded the FundInvoice website - we would be interested to hear what you think.We thought it was time to update the look of our site, but we didn't want to go for wholesale changes that would mean we need to change all the content. So we came up with this revised look and feel, building on the existing structure. We like it, it seems cleaner and more professional.We have started to...

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    How Optimum Finance Are Helping Turnaround Struggling Businesses

    As part of developing our package of measures to help turnaround struggling businesses, we caught up with Lynn-Marie Jameson of Optimum Finance, to find out how they can support companies that are experiencing problems.APPLY TO OPTIMUM FINANCE (it takes just 60 seconds to get a decision and a price quote).Lynn-Marie Jameson, commercial director at Optimum Finance said:There is no doubt that in...

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    How To Calculate Discount Charge Fees

    How to calculate discount charge fees can be one of the most complicated parts of using a factoring, invoice finance or invoice discounting facility. Below we explain exactly how these charges work.The discount fee may be just one part of pricing structure of your facility. Typically, there will be a service charge, discount fee and other charges. These are explained in our article: How Pricing...

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    Is Your Invoice Finance Company Overcharging?

    Is your invoice finance company overcharging?Generally speaking companies using invoice financing are very happy (98% would recommend their provider, according to our poll). However, it does happen that clients become very unhappy as they believe they have been overcharged by an invoice finance company.There are a few different aspects to how you can be overcharged:Whatever the situation, the...

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    Facilities Management Company In Scotland Receives Exemplary Invoice Finance Broker Service

    We just received a great compliment from one of our prospective customers, a facilities management company based in Scotland. It always gives us a boost when we get positive feedback from clients.This is what they said about our invoice finance broker service, even before they had proceeded with the facility:"Thanks so much for your help. If we don't do business on this product then I'll be sure...

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