FundingVoice Magazine May 2014

 FundingVoice Magazine

  2nd Edition - May 2014

 Welcome to the second edition of FundingVoice  magazine!

 We decided to make alternate editions of the magazine a cut down  version of the publication in order to highlight key articles (and keep the editorial workload manageable!).

This month I wanted to draw your attention to some of the invoice finance related market research that we have been undertaking and to highlight our new infographic that summarises in a single page our research findings about the financing of fast growing businesses.

Below is the inforgraphic summarising our findings - just click on it to see a larger copy: 

You will see that our research findings highlight the consequences to fast growing businesses of overdraft restrictions and contrast that with the high liquidity achieved through invoice finance. As our research often finds, the key reason for the lower uptake of invoice finance was a general lack of awareness that the products were available.

If you need advice or if I can help you find an invoice finance quote please contact me at FundInvoice and I will be pleased to help.

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Sean Morrow - Phone: 03330 113622

50% Cost Saving On Invoice Discounting

Every so often we are able to help a client by finding them a huge cost saving on their invoice discounting costs.

On average we can find 81% of invoice finance clients a cost saving and the average saving is 35% but in this recent case we were able to find the client a huge 50% cost saving . . . cost savings on invoice discounting 

From The Editor Of FundingVoice Magazine

 Glenn Blackman, Editor FundingVoice Magazine I am compiling the next, full  edition of FundingVoice so  if  you are interested in  contributing an article or  some  comment regarding improving  business cash flow and funding please get in touch with Glenn Blackman.

With kind regards,

Glenn Blackman

Editor FundingVoice Magazine

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