FundingVoice May 2016 - Examples Of Invoice Finance Prices


Examples Of Invoice Finance Prices - May 2016

This month I have some actual examples of pricing, a summary of our construction finance research and a crib sheet that summarises the key facts from all our market research to date.


There are plenty of special offers around at the moment, read the full list of finance offers available at present.


As always, if I can help you by conducting a free, independent invoice finance quotation search for you please contact Sean Morrow. On average I have been able to:

  • Save 4 out of 5 businesses money on quotes received elsewhere
  • Save my clients 35% of their invoice finance costs

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Examples Of Invoice Finance Prices

Whether you are thinking of using sales finance, or an existing user, it is useful to see examples of what the cost could be. We have put together several example of pricing for different products, they may be cheaper than you expected. Also note that we can save our clients an average of 35% of the fees by shopping around for you:


Example of Selective Invoice Finance Pricing


Example of Construction Finance Pricing


Factoring Prices


Invoice Discounting Prices

Construction Finance Research

We have looked into the contruction sector in depth and you can read our research findings about who needs funding and what the barriers are to getting access to that finance . . . construction finance research

Construction Finance

Why Factoring & Discounting Work For Manufacturers

The largest segment of factoring and discounting users are manufacturers. There are reasons why these products work really well for manufacturers . . .  factoring & discounting for manufacturers

Crib Sheet Of Our Business Finance Research Findings

This crib sheet is a bullet point summary of all the findings to date from our business finance research programme: Business Finance Research Findings

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