Comparison Of Factoring Prices - January 2017

Below are details of our recent mystery shopper comparison of factoring prices, between various factoring companies. We found a huge 165% difference between the cheapest and most expensive quotes. 

In this edition, we have also debunked some of the myths about invoice finance for recruitment companies, and we have an article explaining some of the alternatives to using factoring.

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Comparison Of Factoring Prices

We have updated our mystery shopper research. This is a comparison of factoring prices, between different factoring companies, for the same customer.

We found a huge range of pricing, where the overall cost, differed by 165% between the cheapest factoring quote and most expensive . . . see the factoring price comparison research

Myths About Invoice Finance For Recruiters - Debunked

We found that 25% of recruiters had considered using invoice finance, but had not gone ahead due to misconceptions about what is available.

These included believing that you need a clean credit history, and thinking that you always have to give personal guarantees

. . . view our recruiters myths infographic

Alternative To Using Factoring

Most factoring users are quite happy with their choice of finance product. However, there are some that would prefer to use an alternative to factoring.

Their reasons may include reducing costs and wanting to control their own credit control function.

This article explores the alternative forms of finance that are available, depending upon what your concerns are . . . read mor about the alternative to factoring

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