Business Finance You Don't Pay Back - February 2016

This month I have an article about business finance that you don't have to repay and a guest article: "5 Golden Rules For Healthly Cash Flow", written by our friends at MarketInvoice. This edition also contains information about open ended contracts, recent research, tips about advertising and a piece on the benefits of using a factoring broker.


As always, if I can help you by conducting a free, independent invoice finance quotation search for you please contact me. On average I have been able to:

  • Save 4 out of 5 businesses money on quotes received elsewhere
  • Save my clients 35%, of their invoice finance costs

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Business Finance You Don't Repay

One of the often overlooked advantages of invoice finance, over crowdfunding or bank loans, is that - in the right circumstances - you never have to repay the finance.


To find out how . . . read on

 Business Finance Not Repayable

Open Ended Invoice Finance Contracts And Short Notice Periods

The invoice finance industry has launched a number of product enhancements to better meet customer's desire for open ended contracts without lock ins . . . read details

5 Golden Rules For Healthly Cash Flow - By MarketInvoice

‘Cash is king’ and is the lifeline of any business, the fuel to keep the engine running. Without cash, profit becomes irrelevant. Thousands of profitable businesses fail every year because they don’t have cash.

With the correct tools for healthy cash flow management, your business can stay in control and make sure that you’re always in the best financial position . . . read how




The Benefits Of Using A Factoring Broker

A factoring broker will find you factoring quotes and prices for your business. In our case, our service is free for you to use. We only receive a small commission from the factoring company if you choose to go ahead, we do not charge you to use our service. This is an example of how using our service can save you money . . . read details

It Pays To Advertise - By In Association

Despite what can be seen or portrayed on the TV series Mad Men advertising can be a tricky game. Here are 10 important tips to help you plan, execute, and monitor your advertising programme . . . read the 10 tips

 In Association Marketing PR

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