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Help Moving Invoice Finance Companies - March 2016

Welcome to the newest edition of FundingVoice magazine, bringing you the latest invoice finance news. This month I have a piece about the assistance that is available if you want to move invoice finance companies to save money or improve service levels.


This edition also sees FundInvoice having been confirmed as "Finalists" at the Business Moneyfacts Awards 2016, our trademark of the FundInvoice brand having been registered, and a new exclusive logo having been released for fellow members of the Invoice Finance Research Group to use on their websites and media:


 Invoice Finance Research Group Members


As always, if I can help you by conducting a free, independent invoice finance quotation search for you please contact Sean at FundInvoice. On average I have been able to:

  • Save 4 out of 5 businesses money on quotes received elsewhere
  • Save my clients 35% of their invoice finance costs

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Help Moving Invoice Finance Companies

You may have many different reasons to want to move invoice finance providers e.g. cost savings, improving service levels or increasing funding. Our recent research suggests that some people worry about the amount of hassle involved with moving financiers, or the cost of being tied into a contract.


There is help available to remove the hassle and cover the costs . . .  help moving invoice finance companies

 Help moving invoice finance companies


100% Invoice Value Funding For Life

We recently told you about one of our funding partners offering new customers 100% funding against their invoices for their entire life as a client (less charges). That offer was due to expire at the end of last month, but the offer has been extended temporarily. However, it could be withdrawn at any time so please take advantage and apply now to find out the price for your business . . . read about 100% funding for life

Case Study - Selective Debtor Factoring

Many people want to save some money on their factoring costs by selecting particular debtors to receive funding against, rather than submitting all their invoices. There are two options, select individual invoices to fund (which can be time consuming) or select individual debtors. This new case study shows how one business benefited from a selective debtor factoring arrangement that allowed them to better control their factoring costs . . . read the selective debtor factoring case study

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