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 Our magazine brings you expert opinion about business funding and  includes free articles, tips and advice about improving  the cash flow of your  business.


 In each edition we invite a varitey of expert authors from the business world to 
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The Top 6 Invoice Finance Companies From Our Client Satisfaction Survey

A survey of 2,000 randomly selected existing users of invoice finance was conducted in 2013 and these were the top 6 invoice finance companies that received the highest ratings from their clients for overall satisfaction with their invoice finance company. To request a quotation from any of them just click on the links below:

  • Metro Bank SME Finance
  • Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance
  • ABN AMRO Commercial Finance
  • GE Capital Commercial Finance
  • IGF Invoice Finance
  • Close Brothers Invoice Finance

. . . read the full customer satisfaction article 

Get Your Credit Under Control By Metro Bank SME Finance

There’s an old saying that ‘a sale is not a sale until it is paid for’. This statement underlines one of the biggest problems for small businesses – getting paid on time.

The issue is that many business owners shy away from the systems and processes that are essential to securing prompt payment. Often the reason given for this is ‘concern over losing customers’. This begs the question, ‘what is custom worth without payment?’ So, in the fight against late payment, it pays to invest the time in credit management , , ,   read more

Click here to request a quote from Metro Bank SME Finance

Innovation Within Business Finance By Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance

Outstanding payments to businesses have almost doubled to £30bn since 2007, with this putting a huge strain on SME’s cash flow - which is where invoice finance comes in.

This great product provides an instant cash injection for companies, with typically 85% of the invoice value being available within 24 hours of the invoice being raised, aiding companies with everyday cashflow as well as giving them the opportunity to expand. Research has shown that companies that use invoice finance are growing faster . . . read about Hitachi Capital

Click here to request a quotation from Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance

6 Ways To Reduce Your Invoice Finance Costs

Whether you already use invoice finance or are new to the market you will want to know that you are getting the best deal possible. Therefore we have noted below 6 ways for you to save money and reduce the cost of invoice finance:

1) Shop Around & Renegotiate - there are around 60 main invoice finance companies in the UK so there is plenty of choice and they are all keen to help new clients. You can SEARCH FOR INVOICE FINANCE QUOTATIONS free of charge and without any obligation to proceed. It is a competitive market and a new provider will often offer you better rates than your current provider. Even if you don't want to switch providers, by knowing what is available in the market you can renegotiate terms . . . read how to reduce invoice finance costs

Avoiding Bad Debts

Year end is approaching and it looks like being a good year with healthy profits meaning that a well deserved holiday and new car are on the horizon. And then it happens, a phone call from the Sales Director telling you that a customer has gone into administration owing you a considerable amount of money, enough money to wipe out your entire profit for the year. Suddenly the holiday and car are a distant memory.

When the shock has subsided, you start to look at the loss in more detail and realise that the warning signs were there and that the loss could have been reduced to a much more manageable level or indeed negated completely . . . find out how to avoid bad debts 

The IDeal™ Way To Manage Your Cash Flow By Close Brothers Invoice Finance

Even the biggest of companies can experience cash flow challenges, and in today’s harsh business climate the issue is more prevalent than ever.

In fact, the latest Close Brothers Business Barometer shows that just over a third of small businesses owners feel that their cash flow is their main concern, and a further 12% cited late payments as being the most stressful aspect of running their business.

We believe that invoice finance is a neat solution to these worries . . . information about Close Brothers Invoice Finance

Click here to request a quotaton from Close Brothers Invoice Finance

Is Cashflow Forecasting For Me? By Simply Cashflow

People ask me – what is Cashflow Forecasting all about and what are key points about it? Well, I usually start with:

Accounting packages are about the present and yesterday. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what your cash was going to be tomorrow, next week, next month…well…you can, that’s where Cashflow Forecasting comes into its own.

For me it’s your No.1 business management tool – live without it at your peril . . . read more from Simply Cashflow

Contact Simply Cashflow

From The Editor Of FundingVoice Magazine

 Glenn Blackman, Editor FundingVoice Magazine I hope you have found  something helpful in this first  issue of FundingVoice  magazine. My thanks goes to  all our expert contributors.

 I am already compiling the  next edition so if you are interested in contributing an article or some comment regarding improving business cash flow and funding, or if you can give me some feedback on this first edition please
get in touch to contribute an article.

With kind regards,

Glenn Blackman

Editor FundingVoice Magazine

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