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  3rd Edition - October 2014

 Welcome to the third edition of FundingVoice  magazine.

 Cutting to the chase, this edition is all about saving money on your invoice  finance costs.


 Below you will find details of our "mystery shopper" results where we asked our panel of invoice  finance companies to quote for factoring or invoice discounting and we have set out the 3  cheapest quotes for each product.


Also you can read details of our cost savings research which concluded that we have been able to find invoice finance cost savings for 4 out of 5 businesses with an average saving of 35%.

Lastly you can read our new information pack which includes some testimonials from clients and some of the well known banks and funders that we deal with. 

If you need free, independent advice or if I can help you find an invoice finance quote please contact me at FundInvoice and I will be pleased to help - it only takes 5 to 10 minutes.

With kind regards,

Sean Morrow - Phone: 03330 113622

37% Average Cost Saving

We have looked at our performance recently and checked the statistics on the number of clients that we are able to help save money.

We found that we had managed to find a cost saving for 81% of the businesses that we spoke to - that is more than 4 out of 5 businesses, a significant majority.

On average we were able to save our clients 35% of fees . . . 37% average cost saving

Top 3 Cheapest Prices

We conducted a "mystery shopper" study to find out which of our panel of factoring and invoice discounting companies offered the cheapest prices.

We have summarised the top 3 cheapest invoice finance quotes that we received, for each product. in table form.

You will also find links so that you can request a quote online . . . view the 3 cheapest prices

Info Pack & Testimonials

We have updated our information pack PDF which you can download for free.

It includes new case studies and details of testimonials that we have received from clients, well known banks and funding partners that we deal with . . . info pack and testimonials

From The Editor

 Glenn Blackman, Editor FundingVoice Magazine I am compiling the next  edition of FundingVoice so if  you are interested in  contributing an article or  some comment regarding  improving  business cash flow  and funding please  get in  touch with Glenn.

With kind regards,

Glenn Blackman

Editor FundingVoice Magazine

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