Invoice Finance And Factoring Infographics

These are the infographics that we have created regarding invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting. If you click on the thumbnail in the gallery below it will open the full JPEG version of each inforgraphic. Many of these are based on our extensive archive of market research concerning these sectors.

#IFaware Campaign

Graphics from the #IFaware campaign:

See the rest of the #IFaware campaign adverts.

Market Research Infographics

The extent of pricing differences between factoring companies:

Debunking myths and misconceptions for recruiters:

Debunking Myths About Invoice Finance For Recruiters 

Late payment culture and business growth:

Funding Growth

Late Payment And Growth

What existing users think of invoice finance:

What Users Think Of Invoice Finance

Sources of finance for new startups:

Finance For New Startups

Infographic about sources of finance for fast growing UK businesses:

Fast Growing Business Finance

Survey of existing invoice discounting and factoring users:

Invoice Finance User Survey

Market Sizing of the factoring and invoice discounting sector:

Invoice Finance Market Sizing

Factoring And Invoice Discounting Infographics

How does invoice finance work?:

How Invoice Finance Works

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