• 31% Average Cost Savings Found For Invoice Finance Users.

    31% average cost savings found for invoice finance clients.We have just checked our stats for the invoice finance cost savings FundInvoice have achieved over the last year. We have managed to find average savings of 31*% for our clients. These are savings against quotes for invoice finance that have been sourced elsewhere. So that's almost a third that our clients can save by using our invoice finance price checking service.

    We can achieve these types of savings by keeping abreast of the funders that are offering the very best funding rates on the market. We also conduct ongoing market research around pricing and service levels.

    Invoice Finance Price Check

    We don't charge our clients anything directly, so there is no charge to use our price check, and these figures suggest that clients are likely to save a lot of money against quotes they source themselves, or against the existing pricing of their current facility. We receive a commission from the provider if clients go ahead, but as I said they will be benefiting from the cost savings that we have found them.

    31%* Average Cost Savings For Our Clients

    We have calculated the savings as the total charges projected for both service charge and discount charge combined. We compare the best quote that we can find against whatever they have already been quoted elsewhere (using projected values of turnover and funds in use), or what they are already paying.

    On average we have found quotes 31% cheaper than those our clients had already received elsewhere. These are significant savings, especially when you consider that our clients don't pay us anything for our service - there really is no downside in getting a quote through us, they only stand to save money.

    There are many different types of receivables based finance, these are explained in our: Guide To Invoice Finance, along with examples of the typical costs that you might expect to pay.

    * Note: Updated for 3 years to November 2021 - average savings were 29%.

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