Everything You Need To Know About Invoice Finance - All In One Place

Below is everything you need to know about invoice finance (IF), all in one place. to release the cash tied up in your unpaid invoices.

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What Is Invoice Finance?

You could define invoice finance as: "finance provided against unpaid sales invoices, with the optional addition of credit control support and bad debt protection".

It can be broken down into:

Range Of Product Options

There are now numerous different product options on the market. Use our free finance product finder. Some key product options are:

  • Selective or wholeturnover - you can finance all your sales invoices (wholeturnover) or just a single invoice or batch of transactions that you select (selective).
  • Single provider or an auction style approach - you can have a finance company provide your funding or you can use an auction style platform to enable potential funders to bid for the right to fund your business.

Prices and Costs

Here you can find details of pricing and costs:

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Invoice Finance Companies

Here is a: List of Invoice Finance Companies within the UK - we will happily put you in touch with any of them. The product offerings vary dramatically as do the service levels and prices.

Other Helpful Information

We have many other resources regarding these products:


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