List of Invoice Finance CompaniesList Of Invoice Finance Companies In The UK

Detailed below is our comprehensive list of invoice finance companies in the UK. It has grown in recent years with the addition of products such as asset-based lending (ABL), selective invoice discounting, spot factoring and the emergence of online receivables finance auction sites, and peer-to-peer lending.

More Choice

This has increased the choice for our clients, which is great news. However, the increased choice has also created more difficulty in choosing a provider, because of the large number of choices. Fortunately, we have undertaken extensive research to understand which providers offer the best rates and the best service levels.

Below is a list of the UK's invoice finance companies.

If you were looking for a list of factoring companies or a list of invoice discounting companies we can identify those for you, from the full list below.

Finding A Suitable Invoice Finance Company

The list of invoice finance companies (and list of factors) below demonstrates a large number of choices available to clients, but you may want help to narrow the choice. FundInvoice LLP offers an award-winning research-led independent, invoice finance support and search service for invoice finance, factoring & invoice discounting that has access to the UK market.

Our invoice finance experts have extensive experience in the market and they will be able to put you in touch with the invoice finance companies that are most suitable for your business based on exactly what you are looking for. We offer an independent quotation search for invoice finance quotations and you will have no obligation to proceed.

Please note that the presence of a business on our list below does not constitute any endorsement by FundInvoice LLP.

We can put you in touch with any of the invoice financiers on this list: CONTACT US or we can conduct an invoice finance quotation search for you: REQUEST YOUR FREE INVOICE FINANCE QUOTE SEARCH or call Sean on 03330 113622

List of Invoice Finance Companies in the UK

Below is a list of some of the large number of invoice finance companies in the UK - some have links to further information or contact forms for you to get in touch with them directly. Currently, by our count, there are 120 distinct organisations on our list (currently trading as far as we know):

  • 1PS

  • 4Syte (4Syte Funding and 4Syte Construction).

  • ABN AMRO Commercial Finance.

  • Accelerated Payments.

  • Accident Credit Group

  • AIB Commercial Finance.
  • AIB Group (UK) PLC.

  • Aldermore Invoice Finance.

  • Arbuthnot Commercial Asset Based Lending - launched 26/02/18.

  • Ashley Commercial Finance (became Ashley Finance which is now part of Ultimate Finance).

  • Bank of Ireland Commercial Finance, Belfast.
  • Bank of Ireland Finance, Dublin.

  • Bank of London and The Middle East (BLME).

  • Barclays Trade and Working Capital UK & Ireland (formerly Barclays Commercial Services).

  • Berkeley Trade Finance Ltd (launched May 2019).

  • Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd
  • Bibby Factors International Ltd
  • Bibby Factors Ltd
  • Bibby Factors Scotland Ltd
  • Bibby Factors Sussex Ltd
  • Bibby Factors Yorkshire Ltd
  • Bibby Financial Services Ltd
  • Bibby Financial Services Ireland Ltd.

  • BNP Paribas Commercial Finance Ltd.

  • Brightstar.

  • Burdale Financial.

  • Calverton Finance (now part of Pulse Cashflow Finance).

  • Capitalflow Commercial Finance (Ireland).

  • Cashbook Finance Ltd.

  • Cash Direct UK.

  • Cash Flo - part of Flo Backoffice Solutions Ltd.

  • Cash for Invoices Limited.

  • Cash Friday (now part of Lloyds).

  • Castlebridge Finance Ltd (acquired Castle Business Finance - out of Administration in August 2019. Castle Business Finance entered Administration 23/06/20).

  • Catalyst Finance.

  • CCC Finance Ltd (entered Administration 14/06/21, then purchased, with Alexanders Discount, by WeDo Finance).

  • Celtic Invoice Discounting (Ireland)

  • Centric Commercial Finance (purchased by Shawbrook in June 2014).

  • Channel Capital Advisors LLP

  • Charterhouse Commercial Finance PLC.

  • Clear Funding Ltd (also Clear Funding Financial Services Ltd).

  • Close Brothers Invoice Finance (formerly called Close Invoice Finance).

  • Clydesdale Bank plc / Yorkshire Bank / Virgin Money

  • Coface.

  • Convenient Capital
  • Convertibill.
  • Creative Capital.

  • Danske Bank.

  • Diamond Bank (UK) PLC.

  • DueCourse.

  • Easy Invoice Finance Ltd.

  • Easypay Services Ltd.

  • eCapital Commercial Finance (formerly Advantedge Commercial Finance (formerly known as Factor21 PLC) - Henry Howard Cashflow Finance (formerly HH Cashflow Finance) was acquired by Advantedge on 17/07/18).

  • Fair Finance Ltd.

  • FGI Finance Ltd.

  • FI Capital.

  • First Capital Factors Ltd - In Administration.

  • First Trust Bank.

  • Five Arrows Business Finance PLC (formerly State Securities).

  • Flex ABL

  • Fortis Commercial Finance.

  • Frenns.

  • Funding Alternative
  • Tungsten Corporation PLC (for suppliers using their e-invoicing solution).

  • Ulster Bank Invoice Finance.
  • Ulster Bank Invoice Finance (NI).

  • Ultimate Finance Group Limited*.

  • Velocity Selective Invoice Finance

  • WeDo Finance

  • Wells Fargo Capital Finance.

  • Working Capital Partners (in Administration May 2019).

  • Wyelands Bank.

  • Zodeq.

Lists Of International Factoring Companies Worldwide

If you are looking for global lists of factoring companies worldwide you can find help here: Worldwide List Of Factoring Companies

List Of Factoring Companies In The UK

We have evolved our list of companies providing receivables financing over the last decade and a half, however, we are contacted by approximately one new provider every other week at present. Therefore, there may be additional providers that you think we should add. If you have any other providers that you think should be added to the list please contact FundInvoice, we are always happy to add to our list of factoring companies.


* former names include: Ultimate Finance Group PLC, Ultimate Invoice Finance and Ultimate Trade Finance

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