Sales Ledger Upload Facility

Hundreds of clients are now using the new Confidential Invoice Discounting facility with award winning Sales Ledger Upload, through one of our panel of providers.

The product was launched several years ago and the demand has been high and growing.

The product is managed via a secure, electronic link and integrates with your sales ledger accounting package (it handles most of them) so that a copy of your ledger can be uploaded and funding (up to 95% of the value of your invoices) can be drawn against it.

The product can be paperless so it is also environmentally friendly not to mention easy to use.

The benefits of using Sales Ledger Upload are as follows:

  • Upload your invoices . . . download cash, it's that easy!
  • Paperless, environmentally friendly product.
  • No need to send invoices or day book listings to the discounter - the product integrates with most accounting packages.
  • No need for month end reconciliations that will take you time.
  • You continue to handle collection of invoices so your customer relationships are not affected.
  • Real time calculation of your availability i.e. NO waiting for your month end reconciliation to be submitted before cash is released.

For more information about Confidential Invoice Discounting with Sales Ledger Upload contact us.

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