This invoice finance cash calculator works out how much money you can release.

Invoice Finance And Factoring Cash Calculator

Facilities such as invoice finance and factoring will release the cash tied up in your unpaid sales invoices. This calculator allows you to estimate the amount of money that could be released as working capital.

Working Out How Much Cash You Could Release

This tool allows you to enter some simple values in order to work out the amount of cash that could be released. Enter the value of your sales ledger and the amount that is over 120 days old.

Your industry sector will drive the level of prepayments so you can select that from the final drop-down box.

Press "calculate" and the tool will estimate the amount of cash that you could release.

Please fill in the fields below to find the level of funding that you might raise through invoice finance.

Please note that this invoice finance and factoring cash calculator is only indicative of the level of funding that you might raise through invoice finance products such as factoring & invoice discounting and does not guarantee that you would be able to generate that level of funding. Please speak to one of our advisers for an accurate calculation of the level of finance that you could raise based on your individual circumstances.

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