• Sell Your Invoices Outright For Full Value Less Fees

    Sell your invoices outright.

    Selling your invoices outright could bring in the maximum amount of working capital, all in one go without having to wait for customers to pay you.

    Invoice finance companies tend to offer a percentage of the value of your invoice value immediately, with the balance paid when the customer settles. This can typically be 85 - 90% upfront, with the remaining 15 - 20% passed to you when the debtor pays.

    However, there are some that will provide the full amount upfront (less fees), you can sell your invoices outright. That way you don't have to wait for the remaining payment if the customer pays.


    Sell Invoices Outright

    If you want an alternative to receiving prepayments, you can sell your invoices outright. This method of operation is common in some sectors, such as car body shop repairs, but it is now also available for other industry sectors. One of our funding partners is able to buy the invoices from client, up to a maximum invoice value of £100K.

    There is no minimum invoice size, which will be great news for many small companies, and they will fund against construction and contractual invoices. You pay a single fee, so there are no discount fee calculations to worry about, and you know upfront exactly what the service is going to cost.


    Some of the more interesting features of this service are:

    • Any size of invoice up to £100K maximum.

    • No recourse - you don't wait for customers to pay to release any balances of invoice value.

    • No personal guarantee required.

    • No debenture taken over your company.

    • No credit check.

    • No minimum trading period.

    • Outstanding invoices funded.

    • Simple client agreement.

    • 24 hour turnaround.

    • Invoices excluded by your existing invoice finance company can be funded (subject to a waiver).

    • Contractual and construction sector invoices funded.

    • It can available even with prior negative credit history e.g. prior bankruptcy, CCJs or prior director disqualification.

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