• 97.5% Business Funding Success Rate

    We have found business funding for 97.5% of companies.We have managed to find funding for 97.5% of the businesses that we have spoken to over the course of the last year.


    Funding Found For 97.5% Of Companies

    We regularly look back and back to see what proportion of customers we have been able to help. The last time we checked it was 97 percent. Well since then, we have improved by half a percentage point to 97.5%. A really high success rate.

    That means that we have been able to find business finance the vast majority of companies that we have been in contact with. This is good news if you are having difficulty finding a funding line - the chances are that we will be able to help you.

    Not all customers will have gone ahead, but that means that there were only 2.5% of cases where we were unable to find them any kind of business finance - a very high success rate. Please note that we exclude the minority of potentially fraudulent applications from these figures.

    31% Of Invoice Finance Costs Saved

    This follows hot on the heels of our recent post confirming that we have managed to save customers an average of 31% on invoice finance costs quoted elsewhere. Combined together, these stats mean that there is a very good chance that we will be able to find you the business finance that you need, at better rates than you have found elsewhere.

    If you already have a quote, or are using a facility, you have nothing to lose by using our free invoice finance quote search service, to see if we can beat the fees you have been quoted. You stand to save a significant amount if we are able to find similar savings for you.

    We achieve these savings by staying up to date regarding who can offer the best invoice finance deals. Our funding success rate is driven by maintaining links with a wide variety of funders, especially those that are prepared to take a flexible approach to funding companies that have been turned down by banks, or other lenders.

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