• 97% Business Finance Approval Rate

    FundInvoice have a strong record in terms of being able to find business finance for companies.

    97% Business Finance Approval Rate

    We have just checked our records and we found that to date, we have a 97% business finance approval rate.

    That means that of every 100 prospects that we have dealt with, we have been able to find business finance for 97 or them, with only 3 being cases that we cannot help. This could have been for facilities such as invoice finance, invoice discounting, factoring, trade finance or business loans.

    This does not mean that all of those prospects that were approved took up the offer, but it does point to a very high success rate in finding funding for companies. This is one of the reasons that we specialise in assisting companies that have not been able to find the funding that they need elsewhere.

    The only businesses that we have not been able to help, tend to be extreme examples, such as people dealing with export regions that are not acceptable to our funding partners e.g. warzones.

    If you are struggling to find the finance that your company needs, our service is without obligation on you to proceed, and operated in total confidence. We would be happy to see if we can help you. Please call Sean on: 03330 113622 or use the green application form on this page.

    Calculating Our Approval Rate

    Please note these figures exclude the minority of prospects that were rejected due to fraud related reasons.

    The approval rate was calculated by taking the total number of propect leads that we handled up to 25/01/18, and identifying the number for which we were unable to find any kind of facility. The remaining number, that we were able to assist was then expressed as a percentage of the total number of prospect leads.

    UPDATED: This statistic has been update to a 97.5% funding success rate on the 6th November 2019.

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