Invoice finance for accountants and their clients.Invoice Finance For Accountants

This information, invoice finance for accountants, has been added to give help to accountants that are either seeking invoice finance or factoring for their clients, or a working capital increase for their own business.

If you are looking for general information about these products and services, please see our: Invoice Finance Guide.

Invoice Finance Help For Your Accountancy Practice

If you want to raise finance for your own accountancy practice, we can help you find a funder that is experienced in funding accountants. We can arrange finance against fee notes so that you are funded before you raise your invoices.

If you require a quote for your company (or your client), please use this quote request option:


Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to an expert please call Sean on 03330 113622 for a discussion, without obligation and in complete confidence.

Invoice Finance For Accountants & Their Clients

You also can USE OUR INDEPENDENT QUOTE SEARCH SERVICE to help your clients find the right invoice finance provider. Alternatively we are happy to speak to you or them, and talk through the options.

This is a value added service that you can offer your clients, at no cost to your business.

Your Branding On Our Service

If you would like to offer our invoice finance brokerage service as an added value service for your clients, we can provide you with a personalised landing page on our site, for your clients to use.

This can be branded with your logo and with some tailored text. It can be a contact request form (asking a member of our quote search team to contact them) or a full application for finance. We can identify any forms that are received from your clients, and attribute those to your firm.

What Other Accountants Say

Our research suggests that accountancy firms are key to helping businesses access receivables finance but on average accountants may only have two invoice finance companies that they deal with. Many appreciate that by using our service, their clients can access a much larger panel of providers. Our service can help:

  • Improve the rates offered
  • Increase funding flexibility
  • Find funders for difficult cases that mainstream providers cannot handle.

Our Service

Average annual invoice finance cost savings found for customers.On average we have been able to save companies significant amounts on quotes received elsewhere. You can pass those savings onto your client.

We receive a commission from any customers that we successfully find facilities. We are happy to share that commission with you if you wish.

Further Resources

These are some further case studies that show how we have been able to assist accountancies accessing receivables financing services:

Case study - Funding an Accountancy Practice.

Case study - Factoring Accountancy To Dentists.

Case study - Factoring For Accountants.

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