• There Is Not One

    Who is the "Best Invoice Finance Company?". When we have meetings with funders they always ask "who do you give all your business too?", the answer is that we do business with a broad range of different industry providers as no one has the perfect solution for every client.

    This was further evidenced recently with two situations. One company was using one of the industry's leading products, a product that has won all sorts of awards and is backed by a household brand. That company chose to move to a small, new start invoice finance company.

    Another company was using a selective invoice finance facility, that many providers would have you believe is the panacea of all invoice finance services, and they have moved to a a banked backed sales financing company, for a whole turnover facility.

    There is no one service or provider that fits everyone, it depends very much upon your needs and that is what we focus on. Understanding what our client's need and matching them to an invoice finance company that can provide the best service for them.

    If you need help, have a no obligation chat with Sean on: 03330 113622.

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