• Quote From RBS Invoice Finance #TalkIF Write Up

    A quote from the #TalkIF Twitter debate write up, by RBS Invoice Finance, available on their blog: "ABFA, invoice finance expert Glenn Blackman (@GlennBlackman) and RBSIF?s Mark Dodwell (@MDodwellRBSIF) all agreed that the perception of invoice finance was improving thanks to better customer relationships and a keener business focus".

    There is a link to the full blog post on my Twitter feed where you can see all the details of the online debate.

    Very much the case. Issues of "perception" concerning invoice finance were a minority view, just 7% of respondents, in our February 2015 survey. The key issues our survey highlighted were:

    • 44% - Reducing the cost.
    • 36% - Promotion and advertising.

    The issue of cost is particularly interesting as there are now so many different pricing options available, together with substantial discounts that are currently being offered. My experience is that most customers that suggest cost as an issue probably don't realise some of the prices and products that are available.

    The next debate is coming up this Thursday at noon - to follow it, or participate, just use the hashtag #TalkIF.

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