• Help Paying VAT Bill

    I am just working on our quarterly figures for the VAT return - my least favourite job! However, we always put aside the VAT money so that we have it there to pay HMRC on time. Many businesses don't reserve for their VAT bills, and this can lead to problems paying HMRC. Just a quick reminder that if you have outstanding sales invoices, on credit terms, to other businesses, you can raise funding against those - for any purpose, including help paying your VAT bill. Typically you could release 85% of invoice value immediately - either of all your invoices or a few that you select. We can put in place funding, via our funding partners, within a couple of days so you can raise money very quickly. There are also options available that allow you to dip in and out, as you wish, without being tied into contracts with minimums. That way you can use the finance to get you over a short term cash flow problem like paying your VAT bill.

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