• New Home For Glenn Blackman's Invoice Finance Blog

    Glenn Blackman's Invoice Finance Blog Has A New Home

    This is now the new home for Glenn Blackman's Invoice Finance blog! Previously my blog was running on its own domain, glennblackman.co.uk but we thought it would be neater to move everything to the main FundInvoice site (it also cuts down the amount of maintenance needed!). We have also updated all the social media sharing buttons so it should be easier to share posts. You can find the new home page here: https://www.fundinvoice.co.uk/blog/blog.html

    All the old content is now on this site, in the archives, and we will continuing to add new content. All our guest blog posts have also been moved to this site, let me know if you need help finding anything.

    You can get in touch with me via the "Call me back" function which should be to the right of this post (or below it if you are using a mobile).

    Thanks for reading.


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