• Find Funding Or Finance For A Large Business, Large Company Or PLC

    If you are a large business or large company we can help you find large amounts of finance or funding and we are aware that you will need that funding to be provided at fine rates that reflect the size of your business.

    We have dealt with businesses turning over up to £250 million per annum and all points in between. Our business finance quotation search service is still free even for large companies and we provide a personal service.

    Who Provides Finance To A Large Company Or Large Business?

    We have access to a panel of specialist finance houses that deal with large businesses, large companies and PLC's (public limited companies). Many of our panel are recognisable household names but we will also be able to put you in touch with funders who you may not know deal with large sums of finance for a larger business.

    Our panel can provide funding against all the assets of your business - ABL or Asset Based Lending is often more common amongst larger businesses where there is a need to raise finance against all the assets of the business such as its sales invoices, stock, plant, machinery & equipment.

    Finding Finance & Funding For A Large Business, Large Company or PLC

    There are various reasons that could lead a large business to seek additional finance or funding and we can help you with these, they may include:

    • The need for expansion capital, additional working capital or finance to fund an acquisition.
    • Pressure on your overdraft - your overdraft limit could be inadequate or your bank overdraft may have been removed, withdrawn or reduced.
    • Failing to qualify for alternative sources of funding. You may have been turned down for forms of finance such as a business loan or grant funding (such as european grant funding, national government grant funding or lottery funding).
    • Being disatisfied with your current finance company (for example: poor relationship, funding restrictions, poor service or high fees and rate).
    • General cash flow issues such as seasonal trading, large projects requiring funding, HMRC payments or general creditor problems.

    In all the above cases we can help you find funding alternatives.

    Often large businesses will seek finance via their accountant however our research suggests that many accountants may only deal with a narrow range of finance companies. Our specialist service will give your business access to a large number of finance companies, increasing the options for your business and enabling you to seek the very best prices, fees and rates.

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