• Fast Funding For Your Business Within 7 Hours

    Fast Funding Within 7 Hours

    Fast business funding is explained in this short video which demonstrates how we arranged funding in just 7 hours from enquiry to cash in the customer's bank account:

    Fast Access To Invoice Finance

    The answer to late payments - invoice funding in just 7 hours.

    Please see our free guide to invoice finance, which explains how invoice funding works. Not all facilities can be completed so quickly, however we are generally able to meet the speed requirements of our customers. Although this speed of delivery was exceptional, funding can easily be arranged within a few days in most situations.

    If you are within the car crash repair sector, dealing with insurance company debtors, we can organise rapid funding for your business. This can be within hours, if required. We explain how the funding works in this article: Funding Car Crash Repairs.

    If you want to know how long it is likely to take, to get your invoices funded, we will be able to let you know, once we understand your circumstances. We have not had any instances where we have not been able to arrange the funding quickly enough. Generally the client will lead the process according to the timings which suit them.

    Selective invoice finance is often able to be established very quickly. Some providers don't ask for the same levels of security that we see with full ledger funding (although this is not universally true). A whole turnover facility will typically take somewhere between a few days and a few weeks to arrange. The other issue driving timing will be the presence, or not, of an existing debt funder. Arranging a transfer between providers will add to the timescale, but there are measures that can be used to help overcome delaying factors when moving providers. These are explained in our short Guide To Moving Invoice Finance Companies.


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