• Cheap Invoice Finance For Sub 100K Turnover Businesses

    Cheap invoice finance for sub £100K turnover businesses is being offered by one of our funding partners. This links neatly with my comments about how a certain crowdfunder was receiving a lot of comments about how there were not funding options available to sub 100K turnover businesses.

    Our funding partner is offering a service fee starting from £199 (+ VAT where applicable) per month to businesses turning over less than £100,000 per annum. There is no separate discount charge so its a combined charge often called a "single fee" within the industry. There is a small set up and renewal fee but there are no minimum fees. The offer only applies to businesses that are new to invoice finance i.e. not changing invoice finance companies, and it has to be a straightforward business (full terms and conditions on application). Our partners are also able to offer a short notice period so small businesses can try the product and opt out quickly if they find its not for them.

    This does provide a great option for the smallest of businesses that can often benefit greatly from having their invoices part paid immediately rather than having to wait for customers to pay after lengthy credit periods. You can use the link in the right hand column to request an invoice finance quote search for your business.

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