• Can You Provide Invoice Finance To This "Plevin" Lead?

    Are you able to provide invoice finance to this "Plevin" lead?

    Are you an invoice finance company that may be able to provide invoice finance to this lead?

    If so please call Sean on 03330 113622 or CONTACT US

    This is a prospect that we are trying to help that is seeking an invoice finance facility. This is a broad overview of the proposition.

    Invoice Finance "Plevin" Lead Available

    The invoice finance lead is a company, as follows:

    • Trade - prospect sources "Plevin" cases for solicitors (this is where an individual purchased PPI but was not told that prior to concluding the agreement that an exceptional amount of the premiums paid were for commission which were paid to intermediaries). The debtors are solicitors.

    • Funding - need to fund at 65%+ against 25% of their turnover which is to debtors that pay in 3 to 4 months (say 150 day recourse period?). It will need a facility limit of between £400K and 500K.

    • Security: the other 75% of their turnover is to customers that take longer to pay, which would NOT be funded but could form part of your security. Directors are homeowners.

    We have more details so please get in touch if you may be able to assist.

    Call Sean on 03330 113622.

    Low Prepayment Percentage

    This is an opportunity for any invoice funders that are able to take a flexible view on providng a low preapyment to a prospect with a solid debtor base, despite modestly extended payment terms.

    Their situation is such that they only need to raise funding against a small proportion of their debtor book, giving you a substantial sales ledger as security, against a proportionally small amount of funding. We would be delighted to speak to any financiers that may be able to assist.

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