• 5 Facts About Invoice Finance

    These are 5 Facts About Invoice Finance for businesses that you should know about it you are an existing user, or if you are looking for a new source of business finance.

    5 Facts About Invoice Finance


    Explanation Of the Facts

    These are the facts explained in the infographic above:

    1. The level of awareness of invoice financing is still very low. Our research suggested that 1 in 3 eligible businesses were not aware that it might be an option for them.
    2. It is a great source or finance for business growth. 87% of existing users, that we spoke to, said that using it had actually enabled them to grow.
    3. Existing users really seem to like it. When we surveyed a number of current users of these products, 98% told us that they would be happy to recommend these products to other businesses.
    4. Prices vary dramatically. We undertook a mystery shopper study regarding pricing for a fairly standard factoring prospect. The rates that we were quoted varied by 165% between the most expensive and the cheapest quote.
    5. There are opportunities for existing users to save money. Our survey found that 78% of existing customers hadn't checked their pricing against the market over the last year. There are substantial savings to be made (see point 4 above).

    Like A Quote For Invoice Finance?

    FundInvoice offers a free, independent quote search and advice service for various forms of business finance. So if you would like a quote for invoice finance, you can call us on 03330 113622 or use the quote request form at the side of this page.

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