• 30 Seconds On - Invoice Finance Explainer Videos

    "30 seconds on . . ." A series of invoice finance guidance videos.Nobody has time to waste these days, we all know how it is to be busy. When you are looking for guidance online, YouTube is a good source of information about products and services but I find myself growing more frustrated with the length of guidance videos that I watch, often padded out with calls to "like", and "subscribe" to the subject YouTube channel. So I thought - make it shorter.

    Watch our YouTube playlist of 30 second invoice finance explainer videos.

    I bought a 30 second egg timer and every explanation is that (or less) long. I am pretty sure you can explain just about anything within 30 seconds if your really try - feel free to try and prove me wrong and challenge me (see below).

    "30 Seconds On" - Invoice Finance Guidance Videos

    So I have started putting together a library of very short explainer videos that give guidance about everything regarding invoice financing - each one is just a short snippet. In order to make them as concise as possible each one is timed to just 30 seconds, so they really are compact! I've left out everything about asking people to like and subscribe, but of course it would be much appreciated if you did.

    This is the first video - "Invoice Finance Explained In 30 Seconds":

    More "30 Seconds On" Explainer Videos

    I will be following up with explainer videos of similar length about factoring, construction finance, non-recourse bad debt protection to name but a few. 

    Let me know what you think - and I am up for a challenge if you have any topic that you think I can't explain in 30 seconds - I will give it a try (just comment below or on social media).

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