• New Recruitment, Laundry & Web Advertising Deals

    We have been lucky enough to see a number of new customers come onto the book at the end of this year, within a couple of interesting sectors.

    As is often the case, recruitment businesses are often our "bread and butter" and we have seen a number of them taking up facilities over the last few months. There are many variations in the type of recruitment that they handle e.g. medical, education etc.

    Recruitment is ideally suited to invoice finance as they need cash for wages and the invoice financing releases the cash tied up in their invoices immediately. Even where there has been the need for flexible funding against recruitment RPOs, we have been able to help as we now have a panel of financiers that can fund the likes of De Poel, Commensura and Matrix.

    One of the new customers was a dry cleaning and laundry business - they needed help with funding against a few debtor concentrations and we were able to find this for them at nearly half the price they have been quoted on a selective/spot basis.

    We have also helped a web advertising business that needed funding to support their growth. As is often the case our customers are drawn from fast growing sectors.


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