Help Collecting Overdue Invoices From Local Authorities

When you secure a local authority (LA) as a customer you would think "money in the bank". Not necessarily so. Despite their standing, after you have delivered the services or product you have to get paid, and the organisational structure of local authorities can often be difficult to navigate.

If you want experts to help you collect invoices from local authorities: CONTACT US, otherwise, read on for some helpful tips and advice.

This article sets out to give you some guidance when collecting overdue invoices from local authorities by examining an example of a business that has first hand experience of chasing local authorities for payment. The article sets out their advice for collecting overdue invoices from local authority debtors.

In this example, the business provides housing and support to young offenders re-entering the community. The cost of these services are met by local authorities, hence the need to collect outstanding accounts receivable from them.

Can it take a long time to get paid by local authorities?

We asked if it can take a long time to get paid by local authorities in some cases:

"They tend not to 'want' to delay payments deliberately and are often extremely apologetic if they have missed invoices and cause delay in paying suppliers.".

The issue is normally one of administration rather than willingness or ability to pay.

So how should you approach requesting payment?

Do you have any advice about how to approach requesting payment?::

"They may not respond so positively if one 'demands' payment 'immediately'. Good solid relationships with credit controllers is very, very useful when dealing with Local Authorities, they are often nice people and have empathy with providers, if the provider is understanding".

What are the key pieces of information you need when chasing invoices?

Is there any key infomation that you have to have when chasing overdue invoices?:

"Social Worker names are essential, if a PO (purchase order number) has not been assigned, they have no way of tying anything up otherwise!".

So ideally you would have a purchase order number but it is also useful to have the names of the people that have actually commissioned the work, in your case social workers.

Is there a best time of day to call local authorities?

When is it best to call local authorities regarding unpaid invoices?:

"There seems not to be a best time to call as such but I what I would say is that clear, concise emails, with scanned copy invoices are extremely well received and often help you getting to the top of their list of payments".

Do you have any other advice for suppliers collecting overdue invoices from local authorities?

What other advice do you have for suppliers collecting overdue invoices from local authorities?:

"Copying in the commissioning team, or originator of the order, to constructive credit chasing emails is also a good tip".

Expert Help

Hopefully some of that advice will be helpful, however If you want expert help please call Sean on: 03330 113622.

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